Feb 9 – Suminagashi Children’s Workshop – Japan Society

Feb 11 – Suminagashi – Textile Arts Center


View & download my Suminagashi Instructional Guide for basic suminagashi instructions, starting formulas, and troubleshooting tips!


Mordanting fabric or paper prior to marbling allows more ink to be picked up when printing and permanently adheres the color to the fabric/paper.

How to mordant fabric: 

  1. Measure weight of dry fabric
  2. Pre-wash fabric in hot water to scour
  3. Dissolve 15% dry weight of fabric of aluminum sulfate in warm water
  4. Add water in a pot (enough to submerge fabric) and stir in alum solution
  5. Wet fabric first, then add to the pot
  6. Heat to 180 degrees (under boiling for 1 hour, stirring every 10-15 min. OR soak in warm water with alum solution for a couple days, stirring every now and then
  7. Dry and iron fabric before marbling
  8. You can reuse the mordant bath by adding an extra 25% of original alum weight

How to mordant paper: 

  1. Mix alum solution: 8 tablespoons aluminum sulfate in 1 gallon water
  2. Mark the back of the sheet
  3. Sponge alum solution onto paper OR lay paper onto vat with alum solution
  4. Dry between sheets of blotting paper
  5. Iron flat if necessary before marbling